Bars & Restaurants

Gaining customer buy-in and loyalty for your beer program is about more than offering great beer. Talk with David about events, training, and menu copy that can improve your beer program, leading to be better customer experience.

MH Cookout 20180722 (41) for IG storyBeer dinners & pairings. While wine has long had the popular focus when it comes to pairing with food, it’s time for beer to enjoy its place in the spotlight. With hundreds of styles and varieties, there is always a beer to pair with an available dish. Let David plan a beer dinner or specialized food pairing (chocolate, cheese, cookies, etc) with your food staff and open the minds of your customers to the beauty of enjoying beer with food. (Note: During Covid, these event offerings are dependent on safety precautions and risk levels.) 

Service staff education. Beer is often overlooked when it comes to staff training, while days are often spent on training staff on wine service. If you’re investing in making beer a large part of your business, you have to make sure your staff are trained to translate that investment for your customers. Training classes can walk your staff through the basics of tasting beer, what makes beer styles unique, how to make recommendations and answer basic questions, and how to make pairing recommendations from your menu. (Note: During Covid, these event offerings are dependent on safety precautions and risk levels.) 

Menu copy & pairing suggestions. There is such a dizzying array of beer options available these days, and this can be overwhelming for customers. David can work with you to provide concise, accurate, and appealing beer menu descriptions that will allow customers to make informed decisions and give them a deeper buy-in to the experience they’re about to have. David can also provide beer pairing recommendations on your food menu.

Beer list curation. Sometimes the available variety of craft beer can be overwhelming even for restaurant and bar managers! David will talk with you to work out a plan for your establishment’s beer list and then make specific recommendations for styles and beers available from your distributors, freeing you up to focus on the daily operations of your restaurant or bar.