Your brewery is about more than good beer—it’s about the story your team wants to tell to your customers. David works with breweries to create beer tasting events that present both the technical and personal aspects of your beer and your brewery’s story. Get in touch to discuss having David work with your brewery on public events, training, and copy that make your passion and talent for brewing approachable and tangible for your customers.


Virtual beer tastings

Virtual beer tastings are a great way to engage customers without needing them to come to your taproom. David can put on a virtual beer event that is casual, fun, and informative. These can be great for reaching new customers, deepening buy-in from existing fans, or even rewarding members of your loyalty clubs. Virtual beer event can work for your local footprint if you wish to deliver beer or have customers pick it up, or if you sell in markets that allow direct to consumer (DTC) beer shipping sales.

Guided beer tastings.

The best way to introduce newcomers to your brewery or help your established fans take a deeper dive is with a guided beer tasting. Both entertaining and educational, David’s brewery tastings walk visitors through a pre-selected line-up of your beers, giving them technical and historical information about each style, helping them understand how to properly taste beer to get the most out of it, and telling your story along the way to help them buy in to your brand. (Note: During Covid, these event offerings are dependent on safety precautions and risk levels.)

Beer education classes.

A step beyond a basic guided tasting, beer education classes can take a variety of forms, and are often best employed as a series. These can take deeper dives into the history and technical details of specific style families or traditions, focus on ingredients or brewing processes, or focus on the finer points of how to properly taste beer. These are great for taking your customers to the next level, making them more informed connoisseurs of your beer. (Note: During Covid, these event offerings are dependent on safety precautions and risk levels.)

Service staff training.

Your service staff are responsible for presenting the beer you’ve labored over to the thousands of customers walking into your taproom. Friendly faces are great, but they have to be backed by the knowledge needed to guide those customers toward beers they’ll enjoy. Training classes can walk your staff through the basics of tasting beer, what makes styles different, what makes each of your beers unique, and how to make recommendations and answer basic questions, and how to convey your brand story. If your taproom serves food, these classes can also incorporate pairing recommendations. (NOTE: During Covid, these event offerings are dependent on safety precautions and risk levels.)


Once your packaging has caught a customer’s attention on the shelf, the storytelling on your cans or bottles takes over to help them make the purchase. David will work with you to determine the stories you want to tell and the tone and length with which you want to tell them. David is a skilled writer, and will bring passion and precision to your packaging copy.