David Nilsen is an engaging teacher whose classes are informative and fun. His knowledge is deep and his ability to translate it with ease and grace means I leave every session with a more precise beer vocabulary. All of this without feeling like I’ve just been bludgeoned with a beer encyclopedia. Highly recommended!

Matthew Birt Craft Beer Education Class Attendee

If you are looking for a great time with friends or for a special occasion, David Nilsen creates a fun and informative experience tasting beers from unique breweries and locations!

Ted Leahey Culinary Chair, Union City Fine Arts Festival

David has done a wonderful job in leading monthly food and beer pairings at our restaurant. Our guests enjoy his knowledge, and his passion is contagious. Additionally, David has done some training with my service staff, giving them tools to elevate our guests’ experiences while dining with us. Cheers to you, David!

Cassie Campbell Co-Owner & Events Coordinator, The Merchant House 

We have had David lead several of our food and beer pairings, helping us elevate the guest experience to a whole new level. His knowledge and ability to keep our participants engaged have really pushed our pairings over the top. David has been a perfect pour every time!

Chris Campbell Co-Owner & Culinary Director, The Merchant House

Having David lead a beer tasting is a great addition to any event! The interest of the public in craft beer has increased significantly in recent years and David can engage everyone from those with a long term paramour with artisan brews to beer novices looking to find a new favorite. He helps make the vast world of beer accessible and will tailor his services to be a perfect fit for your function!

Crysta Hutchinson Executive Director, Main Street Greenville

David Nilsen creates an inviting atmosphere for everyone, from the novice beer drinker to the experienced home brewer. With each class focused on a specific theme, David takes our patrons through the history and science of each beer with an ease that engages everyone and provides them with a desire to learn more.

Drew Wichterman Adult Programming Director, Tipp City Public Library

If you are looking for an event that is interesting, unique, and educational, David is your guy!  We’ve held three classes at our library so far, and I have been so impressed each time at the level of knowledge he is able to share with our patrons.  From serious home brewers to casual beer drinkers, his programs appeal to everyone!

Katie Bensman Adult Programming Director, Worch Memorial Public Library

 A David Nilsen beer program was at the top of my “must have” list when planning my Halloween project, Poisoned Ivy. David did not disappoint. He didn’t just share interesting details and back stories for his thoughtfully selected beers, but he lent a facet of intrigue to the event. I would highly recommend his offerings.

Katie Gabbard Poisoned Ivy Event Coordinator

David was wonderful! Our group was mostly beer novices, and it has been so exciting to see them empowered with the language and background to enjoy new beers and be able to articulate what they like and why.

Raiye Rosado Co-founder, Rabid Brewing

David is a terrific speaker who consistently keeps his audience engaged. He manages to simplify the subject of beer and brewing for a general audience, while never talking down to them. I am always happy to have him speak at my institution.

Bill Schlimme, Adult Services Librarian, Troy-Miami County Public Library

Everyone who attended David’s event here at Gongoozlers really enjoyed it.  His insights into the flavors, aromas, appearances, and history of beer styles was very much appreciated!

James Gilberg Founder, Gongoozlers Brewery

David moderated back-to-back panels that included brewery guests and our co-founder Dan, inviting great conversations about the parallels of the craft beer and craft chocolate worlds. He was a fantastic addition to French Broad Chocolate’s celebration of cacao, providing great insight and expertise. We look forward to including him in our future programming! 

Rhianna Scott, Event Coordinator, French Broad Chocolates

David’s talk for Craft Beer Professionals was equally educational and inspiring. I am now motivated to dive deeper into the world of craft chocolate, and believe the insight David provided also gives owners and taproom managers the foundation to start a program at their brewery.

Andrew Coplon, Craft Beer Professionals